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FSB&T and Two Rivers Bank is now RVR Bank

We want our customers to be the first to know that on June 1, 2023, First State Bank & Trust Company and Two Rivers Bank, a branch of First State Bank & Trust Company became RVR Bank. The signs on the outside might be changing, but the values and people on the inside remain the same.


Why is First State Bank & Trust Company changing its name to RVR Bank?
As we’ve merged two banking communities in the last 18 months, it became evident that we needed to choose a meaningful name that really embodies who we are as a bank. We’re embracing our roots, locations and relentless pursuit of results.

Will there be a name change for First State Financial Services as well?
Yes, First State Financial Services will now be known as RVR Wealth. The locations in both Fremont and Blair will reflect that change.

What does the name RVR mean?
We chose RVR as we feel it really tells the story of who we are. At RVR Bank, Relationships matter, Values guide us, and providing financial Results fulfills our mission. The continual flow of expertise and guidance yields invaluable service to our customers and builds a community to foster progress.

Did the bank sell or are we merging?
While First State Bank & Trust Company did acquire Two Rivers Bank in December of 2021, this name change is not an indication of another purchase or merger. We are proud to remain locally owned.

Will account or routing numbers change?
No, your account number and our routing number (#104900116 or #104903595) will not change. We do encourage former TRB customers with routing number #104903595 to update to #104900116 as you order and receive new checks.

Will my FDIC Insurance coverage be affected?
No – RVR Bank will continue to be a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Will my cards and checks continue to work?
Yes – all debit/credit/HSA cards and checks will continue to function normally. As an existing customer, all of your plastic cards will be reissued over time, reflecting the new RVR name and brand, free of charge. When it’s time to reorder your checks, your order will have the new branding on them if you order through our provider Harland Clarke.

What is changing?
Very little is changing. You will still see the same friendly staff that have been in our branches. Our email addresses and website URL will change. The web address will redirect to the new address of for a short while. Please reset your favorites and bookmarks to the new URL.

Beginning June 1, we will also send/receive emails from the domain (ex. would become For a period of time, emails to will be forwarded to the new email address. We also anticipate merging our FSBT & RVR Facebook pages in the near future.

Will I need to download a new app on my smartphone or tablet?
No. The app will not need to be redownloaded. It just needs to be updated (if you have automatic updates this will happen automatically). The update will have the new name and logo. You will experience the same functionality with the updated app.

When will this change take place?
Legally, our name changed on June 1, 2023. During the next several months, you’ll see our new logo popping up – on our website, on our building, around the community and in our ads.

What is the new logo?


How can I get more information?
We understand that you may have additional questions. Feel free to stop by any location, or call us for more information at 402-721-2500.