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Real Estate Financing

At RVR Bank, we offer competitive rates and terms on farm real estate, recreational real estate, building construction, acreages and building sites.

We have flexible repayment options tailored to your needs with fixed and variable rates.

Agricultural and Business Operating Financing

We offer Revolving Line of Credit, Draw-Down Notes, Fixed-Term Notes, or Margin Call accounts to suit your needs.

Equipment, Machinery, Livestock and Building Financing

RVR Bank has financing available for all equipment, machinery, pivots, vehicles, grain bins, buildings, remodeling projects and breeding livestock.

Flexible down payment and repayment options can be tailored to meet your cash flow needs from monthly to annual payment and almost anything in between.

Leasing Programs

RVR Bank provides flexible and individualized leasing options for farm equipment, machinery, vehicles, trucks, grain bins, buildings, pivots and office equipment.

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