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Online access to your bank accounts and services for your business! Perform all your banking without ever leaving your office!

  • View account information online 24-hours a day
  • FREE access to the RVR Mobile app
  • Transfer funds between your accounts until 5:00 p.m. CST for same day credit
  • Transfer funds between your RVR Bank account and external accounts until 3:00 p.m. CST for next day credit
  • Set up multiple users
  • View account balances and history
  • Pay bills online
  • Add a stop payment
  • Request account research
  • Deposit multiple checks at once with the RVR Mobile app
  • QuickBooks/Quicken/Money export module
  • QuickBooks & Quicken Direct Connect
  • Online Invoicing
  • Digital Payment Acceptance
  • Tap to Pay on iPhone
  • Autobooks Accounting & Bookkeeping services
  • ACH Origination, including Same Day services
  • Access to Remote Deposit Capture services
  • Access to Positive Pay services
  • Contact our customer service, including attachments

Enhanced Business Banking

Enjoy all of the features of Business Banking, plus added functionality.




24/7 Access
Internal Transfers
External Account Transfers*
Multiple Users*
Account Balances and History
eStatements w/ check images
QuickBooks/Quicken/Money Export Module
QuickBooks & Quicken Direct Connect
Signature-less Stop Payments
Bill Payment Access*
Online Invoicing
Digital Payment Acceptance
Tap to Pay on iPhone
Autobooks Accounting & Bookkeeping Services†
Remote Deposit Capture Access*††
ACH Services*
Same Day ACH Origination Access*^
Wire Transfer Access* (domestic wires only)


up to 10 unlimited
Electronic Tax Payments*



Positive Pay*



*Indicates Out-Of-Band Authorization (OOBA) security required.

^There is an additional monthly fee of $20.00 for Same Day ACH services and a fee of $0.17 per each Same Day ACH credit/debit item.

There is an additional monthly fee of $9.99 for the Autobooks full plan after a 60-day free trial.

††Additional fees apply for Remote Deposit Capture services.


Positive Pay refers to an automated cash-management service used by RVR Bank to deter check fraud. It’s a simple, but powerful way to stop the most common types of check fraud.

The Bank uses Positive Pay to match a listing of checks issued by your organization with those presented for payment. Checks that are considered suspicious are sent back to you for examination. Adding Positive Pay can provide your company with an additional layer of protection for your bank account(s). Another benefit is that it eliminates the need to close affected accounts and open new ones if your account would become compromised.

All checking accounts can be set up to use the Positive Pay service. Accounts that consistently have large balances and a high volume of transaction activity will likely find Positive Pay to be most beneficial. This is highly recommended if you have a corporate or commercial account.

Positive Pay clients have special fraud detection services to protect your accounts against forged, altered and counterfeit checks. Checks presented for payment are matched and cross-referenced with a list provided by you, which includes the date, check number and dollar amount. When the check doesn’t match the information, we will notify you through an exception report, and you will advise us to either accept or return the check.

Here’s how the process works:

  • You enroll in the program.
  • A list of checks is provided to the Bank through a digital banking upload when checks are issued. This list includes dates, amounts, and check numbers, along with the account from which the checks are written.
  • The Bank will cross-reference checks that are presented for payment against the list uploaded by you.
  • Checks that are validated are honored.
  • Any items that don’t match the dates, amounts or check numbers are held aside for further review as exception items. We will then contact you electronically with details about the check(s).
  • You will then notify us as to whether to proceed or return the check(s). If you do not respond within a required time-frame, we will typically go ahead and honor the check(s) in question.

A Positive Pay file is a complete list of checks that your organization writes against your account(s) during a certain period of time. This list is provided to the Bank when you are enrolled in the Positive Pay program to prevent and eliminate check fraud.

The 2022 Associate for Financial Professionals reported 71% of organizations were victims of payment fraud attacks/ attempts in 2021. Checks and ACH debits were the payment methods most impacted by fraud activity. In addition, 68% of organizations were targeted by Business Email Compromise (BEC), highly sophisticated email phishing tactics designed to infiltrate the accounts payable in 2021. Positive Pay will help minimize the financial and legal impact of check fraud on your organization.

If you have questions, want more information or are ready to enroll, just call the Bank at 402-721-2500 and ask to be connected to the E-Commerce department.


Has your business received a Bill Pay check from an RVR Bank account holder?

You can register to receive electronic payments from RVR Bank’s Bill Pay provider, iPay Solutions, to speed up processing times and avoid mailing delays. Payments are automatically credited to your bank account as soon as the next business day after the customer submits their payment. And you don’t need to bank with RVR Bank to apply!