Internet Banking


We give you the freedom to choose the card that’s right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a way to access your account conveniently or needing to boost your purchasing power with the strength and security of a major credit card, we have your solutions. Contact Us for an application today.

Visa® Business Debit Card

This card allows you to complete regular ATM transactions and allows you to make purchases anywhere Visa® cards are accepted.

It’s not a credit card, so there are never finance charges, or monthly bills. The funds are withdrawn directly from your account at RVR Bank. And with instant issuance, you will recieve your debit card right away without having to wait days for the card to arrive in the mail. Your Visa® Business Debit Card is also compatible with Mobile Wallets, enabling you to make purchases on your mobile device.

RVR Bank is committed to providing our customers with access to safe and secure transactions by implementing EMV chip technology in our Visa® debit cards. The chip – a small metallic square on the front of your debit card – assigns a one-time code for each transaction, and makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to create counterfeit cards.

Visa® or MasterCard® Business Credit Card

With either of these cards you will have instant credit and increased purchasing power at your fingertips.

You will benefit from convenience and security whenever you use your card to travel, shop, or dine. (Accepted everywhere you see the Visa® or MasterCard® emblem). Give yourself credit – fill out an application today!

Visa® Gift Card

Give the gift of cash with the convenience, flexiblility, and safety of a card.

For a low $5.00 fee, you can purchase a Visa® Gift Card that holders can use for purchases anywhere Visa® cards are accepted. You can load an amount from $25 to $500 for your employees or clients to use online, over the phone, or in person.